pretend you're not worried about your job

A couple of months ago we went to some craft fair at the California Market Center and I suck because I TOTALLY CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME OF IT!!! dernnit. I can tell you that Intelligentsia was there making tasty coffee, next to them was a stand selling cupcakes, and it was pretty big, with several hundred vendors. Oh and it wasn't your gramma's kind of craft fair. It was all hip and shit. I mean, not to say that your gramma wasn't hip. She could have been. Mine kind of was. She ran a burlesque club. And also worked loading trucks for Pabst. She also had no crafting talents AT ALL and even fewer ways of expressing love.*


If you have some disposable income and your walls need a little newness or you need a card to send, I highly recommend checking out these two businesses that were selling at [?] Show. I really liked their stuff a lot. Made me wish I had more money. And more walls.

* for you new moms out there, the inability to express love is not hip. But your kid will probably look to arts, music and similarly fucked friends for approval and therefore could end up sort of hip. So either love your kid a lot and get a cheerleader** or never hug them and get a Picasso***** or a Kurt Cobain. It's up to you. ***

** not that there is anything necessarily wrong with cheerleaders. I'm speaking in stereotypes here, people.

***don't listen to me. I have cats.

*****I actually know absolutely nothing about Picasso. I am just assuming based on the beauty he created that he was sort of tortured and not hugged much, plus it was, what, like the 1800s when he was a kid, probably no one hugged back then. Wow. What has happened to this post? Go to those links. Buy their shit.

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