Things I did not complain about today.

The strong smell of perfume. Maybe some people like that.

People saying "ok, well let me know" after you already tell them that you are looking into something for them.


I pulled like 6 loose hairs off my shirt. I'm going bald.

The fact that most people spell Comic-Con incorrectly. Comicon. ComiCon.

How FULL I was after lunch.

My back

That sound. WHAT THE HELL WASS THAT SOUND? I had to go and find it

The fact that I found the source of the sound and the person is not there to turn it off and it's impossible to access.

People who don't know when to stop talking

Getting a meeting invite at 1:59 when the meeting is scheduled for 2

"miso" and "huevos" not being in the Outlook dictionary

People who don't publish the whole stories in feed readers. They only publish the headline for for first few lines - NO!

That voice. You know the one.

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