I'm Dumb. Bastille Day

So, if it wasn't for a few restaurants around town celebrating with wine I totally would not have known it was Bastille Day on July 14. I said to someone, who doesn't even drink, "Oh, it's Bastille Day" and they must have an "I'm Dumb" section on their blog too because they said "What's Bastille Day?." And I had absolutely. no. idea. But I do know where you could have got wine specials had I posted this two days ago.


According to the know-it-alls that contribute to Wikipedia, Bastille Day is:
  • A French Holiday (knew that)
  • There is a parade. (could have guessed that - there are probably fireworks too)
  • Allie's get invited to the parade. hm. Was King Obama there? hm. Are they still mad over that whole "Iraq" thing? Was he unable to get on to the evite on his BlackBerry? And now France is all "HE DIDN'T EVEN VIEW IT!"
  • This shit has been celebrated for like hundreds of years.
  • A bunch of dudes (presumably) rushed a prison that only had 7 insignificant inmates (I'm sure they were significant to SOMEONE)
  • it's like their 4th of July. Minus the rednecks. eh, too many words. read it here.

I wonder if people wonder about July 4th? Do you think there is a French blog that wrote:
"They celebrate signing a piece of paper with hot dogs, cheap beer, and fireworks?" I think so too.

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awildermode said...

at first i thought you meant Balsille Day. as in Jim Balsillie the Blackberry CEO guy.