Ow. My eyes.

There should be a maximum number of fonts and styles in one email.

I don't want to promote violence but you sort of deserve a slap to the back of your head if your signature formatting is 4 lines with

Arial Bold in 10pt in black
Arial Bold in 10pt in red
Arial Bold in 10pt in blue
Arial regular in 10pt in black
Trebuchet MS bold italic in 10
Book Antiqua regular, italics, in 10pt in black

and you are writing your emails in Tahoma regular blue, 10 pt

I beg - please stop assaulting my eyes. I get headaches. Really bad ones. Your abuse of formatting is not helping. I would like to appeal to Microsoft to add one of those cute, but annoying, little animated characters that pop up when you are nearing the limit of fonts that common sense and consideration for your fellow man dictate

What should the max be? I dunno. 2? 3? It's like - there isn't a rule - but you know it when you see it. Six is too many.

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awildermode said...

the 'general rule' is four fonts maximum per document.

-main body
-call outs
-other info/fine print

you could have a logo, too. but, that is more of an image.