not news

So I have a rare couple of minutes before I have to leave for work - let's check the news and see what is going on in the world!

Pop stars are still dead

A woman was frightened by cricket like 50 years ago

A dermatologist has probably seen an increase in business

Drug use is on the rise - oh wait, that's just in our house - husband has a pinched nerve and was given a pharmacy to heal it.

People are still stupid enough to think Red Bulls are good for them

I don't read the news for many reasons - it's sensationalized, it's gossipy. it's not "news" - I mean the fact that CNN's top headline story is also the top story in their entertainment section should tell you something.

ok, so CNN sucks for news... let's try Reuters

Christie's has an iPhone app.


Sometimes older people die.

wow - NPR actually has a lot of news news... holy shit, it's depressing.

I'm sticking with blogs and Twitter. If something is important it will find me.

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