Man, lemme tell you

I am NOT going online today (except to post this), I am not going near a TV (except to watch TiVo - is Rescue Me on tonight?), I am not going near a radio (except KXLU - because they have not lost their minds, I mean, they totally have, but in a normal college kid, rock kind of way). Because I am SOOO over this whole dead MJ thing. ALLL over TV. ALL over radio (hello, my local NPR station broadcasting his memorial - et tu NPR?). The emails, the tweets, the Facebooks, the watercooler. Enough. I haven't cared about his music since I was like 10. I watched as he went from weird where-is-his-skin-color-going pale guy to creepy sleeps-in-beds-with-little-boys-and-settles-out-of-court pedoweirdo. And now all of a sudden he's a freaking saint who might get a holiday and a postage stamp? No thanks! He's dead - I'm sorry if you are in pain over it. I'm also sorry if you are one of the boys he (allegedly) molested or acted inappropriately with and now have to watch as millions celebrate his greatness while ignoring arguably more important Global issues. I'm totally not surprised by it all - but I am totally over it. Peace out. RIP motherfucker.


Kevin said...

couldn't agree more

White Goodman said...

Agreed. All the fanfare over his death is outta control. And don't even get me started on that absurd memorial service - what a bunch of shit.